So is this article pushing veganism?

It is not. This article leans wholly on science and evidence. Vegans do not consume any animal sources, but they may (and often do) consume processed foods (foodstuffs). So being vegan is not necessarily in alignment with the research about what constitutes optimal nutrition.

Many individuals choose to be vegan for reasons beyond medical recommendations. They might be passionate advocates of animal rights or environmental issues. My focus here is solely on diet and its effects on disease outcomes.

I will not discuss geopolitical reasons for eliminating animal-sourced foods. Although I love animals and am keenly aware of concerns related to the environment, this is not why I promote the consumption of a whole foods, plant-based diet to my patients. I recommend this fiber-rich diet because I’m a doctor YICHANG Gloves, and that’s what the evidence in peer-reviewed literature supports is the optimal diet for overall human health.

It’s also been my personal experience as a patient. With that said, and as I noted previously, the majority of the studies I am quoting are not based on strictly plant-based diets; instead, they are primarily plant-based. The participants in these studies are often eating limited animal sources, like lean meats, fish, and low-fat dairy products, and getting to healthy outcomes.

Certainly all health-care professionals agree that we need to reduce saturated fat and cholesterol in our diet to improve health outcomes. I think that the most effective way to do this—on a personal and societal level—is to emphasize what we need more of and not what we need less of.

I want you to increase your fiber content. To do this, eat mostly plants. Trying to find and maintain the “perfect” diet is enough to make anyone crazy and stressed, which will not lead to healthy outcomes PE Gloves.

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